We all want ripped abs, but how the hell do you get them? With consistent and focused energy, commitment, and low body-fat levels to let all of your hard work shine through, that ís how! You’ll need to get some serious cardio though – at least 20 minutes of skipping, fast jogging or swimming per day, paired with a balanced high protein diet, low in carbs and fats to shed that extra fat and get that stomach ripped. Alcock Jocks is proud to present you with 10 simple exercises for getting that yearned-for body that’ll be the envy of everyone at the beach, the pool and the locker-room. Now all you have to do is knuckle down and do the hard work!

  • Six-Pack-Abs2_b
    The crunch has for long been a mainstay in almost all exercise routines. It works the upper Ab muscles and is an isolation exercise.
  • Six-Pack-Abs1_b
    The sit-up is another old favorite in ab routines. It is also for the upper abs but differs from the crunches as it involves the hip muscles as well.
  • Six-Pack-Abs3_
    Leg Raises
    This exercise works the lower abdominal muscles to give defined lower abs, it can be the difference between a four and a six-pack.
  • Six-Pack-Abs4_b
    Jackknife sit-ups
    These combine a leg raise and a sit up to work both upper and lower abs simultaneously.
  • Six-Pack-Abs5_b
    This exercise works the lower back, abdominals, glutes (the butt) and hamstrings. It helps build a solid lower back, which supports you while lifting heavy weights, sports and physical work.
  • Six-Pack-Abs6
    This is an exercise, which trains the abs the way they are naturally used in every day life- as a stabilizing muscle.
  • Six-Pack-Abs7
    Bicycle Oblique Crunches
    The obliques are next to your abs on either side, they are used for twisting the torso and rotation movements.
  • Six-Pack-Abs8
    Exercise Ball Crunches
    This is a crunch variation; which places greater tension on the abs and increases the range of motion, it requires an exercise ball.
  • Six-Pack-Abs9
    Thisexerciseis an excellent way to develop core stability; it works the upper, lower abdominals and hips. It requires an ab roller or a barbell with two small weight plates.
  • Six-Pack-Abs10
    A compound exercise which stimulates muscle growth across your biceps, back and core. Ab muscles play a major role in stabilizing the body during this exercise.