A compound exercise which stimulates muscle growth across your biceps, back and core. Ab muscles play a major role in stabilizing the body during this exercise.

Step 1: hold a bar above you with your hands wider than shoulder width and facing away from you.

Step 2: Pull yourself upwards with the aim to get your chin above the bar, keep your legs raised in front of you slightly, this will place greater strain on the lower abs and improve the effectiveness of the pull-up. Exhale during this movement.

Step 3:Lower yourself back down, inhale during this movement.

Step 4: Repeat the pullup as many times as possible.

Beginners: If you are just starting out, you can modify the position by keeping the hands facing towards yourself with a shoulder width grip.

Experienced readers: can combine the leg raise and perform hanging leg raises immediately after each pull-up, by moving the feet up in-front of them till they are parallel to the floor at the top of each rep, holding this position for two seconds before lowering the legs and themselves for the next rep.