Thisexerciseis an excellent way to develop core stability; it works the upper, lower abdominals and hips. It requires an ab roller or a barbell with two small weight plates.

Step 1:Hold the ab roller with both hands while kneeling on the floor, if you don’t have an ab roller, you can use an Olympic barbell with small 5 or 10 lbs plates on either side instead keeping your hands one hand span away from each other.

Step 2:Inhale and move the ab roller forward in a controlled movement until your hands are stretched out far in front of you without touching your body to the floor, pause at this stretch position.

Step 3:Begin to exhale and move your body back to the starting postion.

Step 4: Repeat as many times as possible.

Beginners: Can perform the movement with an exercise ball and standing up instead, this is an easy alternative that can help you build up to the ab roller.

Experienced readers: Begin the ab roller exercise from a standing position similar to a toe touching position keeping your legs slightly bent at the knees throughout for a wider and more difficult range of motion,